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sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 11-04-2011

not advised normally, if leg fatigue, but if you want to keep the cycle then drop 400m to 800m off the distance and do 1200 or 1600's

you will know quite soon if you have recovered well and whether a 2k session is wise


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 11-04-2011

Yes, I will probably decide during some kind of 1600m Intervals or "bread and butter fartlek" whether I will run the 5k on Sunday.

If I feel 100% well I will make it a fartlek session and run the 5k. If there is some fatigue left in the quads (they seem to be the problem at the moment), I will go for 1600m Intervals and back on a regular cycle.


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 16-04-2011

Hi The Ed,

on Thursday my hamstrings were too tight to do a workout (this is a problem I know very well after races, and I know how to deal with it... have just not been alert enough to stretch properly). So I made the Weekend-deccission even bevor the workout, which I postponed to Friday:
4x1200m with R90 and Avg Paces 03:22, 03:23, 03:26, 03:29.

On rep 3 my quads were feeling very bad. On rep 4 I could not hold the pace despite being quite motivated... I had planned only 4 reps in advance and I think it was a good decission!

Back on a regular cycle now with a 10k on May 1st! Similar results at other distances are not really the sub 35 I wanted! This is what I really want to do before I call it a season!


sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 16-04-2011

let me know how the legs recover as it is most important for the recovery if you want to look towards that May race with prospect

here's hoping it all comes good


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 16-04-2011

I did 12k@4:18 and felt okay.
A longish run tomorrow but not longer than 1.5-2h!


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 22-04-2011

Hi The Ed,

did 20k@4:30 on sunday, 13k@4:20 on Monday, 6x1k Intervalls on Thursday:

| Time | Avg HR | Max HR |
| 00:03:18 | 159 | 166 |
after R60 140
| 00:03:19 | 160 | 168 |
after R60 139
| 00:03:21 | 162 | 171 |
after R60 137
| 00:03:26 | 161 | 171 | *"Stomach" Problems
after R60 131
| 00:03:29 | 161 | 171 | *"Stomach" Problems
after R60 134
| 00:03:22 | 162 | 173 |
after R60 134

Quite high HR after rest, explainable by very high temperatures (or
beginning detraining of aerobic endurance?) Did not improve much on
this session, but I did not race it, felt like I would seddle in 3:20
pace before I got the problems with digestion (or rather what is normally meant to happen after digestion :jesterSmile.

Rest on Wednesday, 12k@4:10 on Thursday, 7k@4:22 on Friday...

I am staying below 70k/week but run much faster on average, shin
splints are still luring in the background... I hope this approach is
right to keep time on feet low!

I will rest tomorrow (or run easy ~7k) and do the paced run on Sunday.
Last workout for the season on Thursday (10x400) and then the race on May 1st.


sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 22-04-2011

the faster running is considered to be less problematic towards shins but can sometimes aggravate

the problem is the runs in-between the quality sessions, so there is a whole lot of balancing you shall need to do

Higher pulse range should be attributed to the heat and maybe the pace of the 1000's

if you can get to balance this well and not have further shinsplints you will be able to look forward with confidence


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 29-04-2011

Hi TheEd,

shin splints are fine! I rested on Saturday and Sunday. Making it only 55km for last week.
Did the 5k paced on Monday: 17:40, definitely not all out.

I did the 10x400 on Thursday (I know this is not really following the schedule) on a track. If the track is the right length (it is the official university track so I guess this is the case) my whatch is fooling me: I had to run 430m gps-measured to complete one lap (I think it has some stupid correction-factor to account for "lost coordinate points" on tight turns, otherwise this measurments had to be rather longer...).

So the lap times were:
78, 77, 74, 75, 80 **, 77, 78, 76, 77, 73

Quite uneven. R was 60, but after rep 5 took a longer break to re-focus and to find my motivation again... I don't feel very motivated, the off-period is more than necessary.

Some very easy fartlek today and then I am ready for the 10k on Sunday!


P.S. I had 7 weeks of injury induced low-volume now. Should I adjust the off-period and build-up somehow?

sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 29-04-2011

first off enjoy the race over the weekend

and then regarding the off-period and build-up

let's work through this with the idea of reducing time and distance by 20% and even running every 2nd day to start with .. until you passed the bump of the problems

please ask questions for further clarity


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 02-05-2011

Hi TheEd,

here is the race:

| Split | Time | Avg HR | Max HR |
| 1 | 00:03:28 | 156 | 167 |
| 2 | 00:03:26 | 167 | 170 |
| 3 | 00:03:26 | 170 | 174 |
| 4 | 00:03:28 | 174 | 176 |
| 5 | 00:03:20 | 176 | 178 |
| 6 | 00:03:28 | 177 | 179 |
| 7 | 00:03:36 | 179 | 180 |
| 8 | 00:03:40 | 178 | 179 |
| 9 | 00:03:40 | 179 | 180 |
| 10 | 00:03:29 | 179 | 180 |
| Summary | 00:35:01 | 174 | 180 |

2nd place. The winner ran the time I was hoping for myself: 34:20. He
dropped me on the 5th km. For the next km I thought I could maybe come
back, but than after realizing that I would'nt I somehow lost
motivation and ran slower than my HM-pace.

Not very happy about the race! Still not sub 35, a notable decrease
of Vdot from my January 15k and March HM.

I am sure I lost a considerable amount of aerobic fitness during the
last two 50k/week-months! I was very surprised about the Heart rates,
5-10BPM higher than during the January 15k!

Time for an off-period! The good thing is I did feel completely
healthy during the race. Still feel prefectly well today: no traces of
shin splints left, no other issues luring.

Do you think one week off would be enough? Could I start build up next week?