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sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 02-05-2011

D .. the fact that you state that you lost motivation is the big factor

that is worth far more than any aerobic loss

so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself and simply learn from the experience as the greatest thing about this game is the next race

1 week should be enough of a break and make sure you look after your legs during this time

and comeback slowly .. don't get into the data of the watch and HR in the first 10 days back .. let the mental freshness return



sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 02-05-2011

Yes, thanks!

I will take every other day off this week and start the build up next week, if everything goes as expected.

I will be on hollidays for the 3 weeks of this build up. In Thailand! Koh Samui, Koh Phanghan and Koh Tao.
Plenty of hilly terrain, nice jungle trails, lot to see... I cant wait to go for early morning runs to hidden beaches and return to the Hotel before breakfast.

I will take my watch with me just to revive the runs when I am back. No controlling of the pace, no HR-monitor...


sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 02-05-2011

this sounds good and the most beneficial part to regeneration

consider running to the beach and standing in the sea curling your toes to pull the sand towards you while standing there

your own form of magic therapy all round




sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 07-06-2011

Hi TheEd,

I had a good built-up during my holidays. Week-totals were 40, 50, 70 km.
Some on very hilly terrain, all very slow.
The humidity in Thailand was breathtaking did most flat runs around 5min/km and felt still very tired after 10k.

I finished the 3-week period with a hill-threshold workout on the treadmill.

Back on the program, on day 08 today! Had a good 5x2k session (all 3:28 +- 2 /km) and did 27k @ 4:18 on Sunday. Week-total 100km.

Very easy running yesterday, but I still feel not 100% fresh today, wonder if I will postpone today's 6x1k...

My racing plan is:

19. Jun. Seven Hills of Edinburgh - 23k with 700m elevation
1 week
Sa 25. Jun. 20k relay - with 400m elevation
So 10. Jul. 5k (maybe only as paced run)
1 week
So 17. Jul. 10k
2 weeks
Fr 29. Jul. 11k with 200m elevation
Sa 20. Aug. HM with 400m elevation **Goal race 1**
3 weeks
So 11. Sep. 10k **Goal race 2**

I know that the back to back hilly-races at the start are dangerous... but I want to run the Seven Hills race in Edinburgh (maybe not all-out) and I have to run 20k on a relay 80km-team race.

What do you think about altering the plan after I skip today's 6x1k? A bit of hill-running might be beneficial, considering my the many hills I will race?


sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 07-06-2011

nice that you had a break durele and good to see you training well

according to the cycle development and for those who run sub 35 minutes for 10km the program would be as follows

Day 03 (best on a Thursday) - 5 x 2k

Day 05 Hillwork - 10 x 600m hill at 10 to 15k pace with a jog down recovery

Day 06 Long Run

so for the future you may consider adding the hillwork session on the Saturday

your 2k session will help for strength on the hills as well, so you should be OK

you could consider doing the 10 x 600m hill session in replacement of the 1k session to give you confidence but you must consider that it can have a reverse affect and cause more fatigue

so play it carefully and maybe consider simply running the hills instead of trying to work them

let me know what you decide on



sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 07-06-2011

Hi TheEd,

thanks for this suggestion!
I did so far:

Day 03 (on Thursday!!!) - 5 x 2k
Day 06 Long Run

So I am 1 day behind. Maybe I will change the next workout just to one day later (09) Wednesday. I will see if I do hill-reps or 6x1.

The problem with hills is always the downhill... and I don't want to use a treadmill. Maybe at some point I will try something new and carry a skateboard with me on the way up, making the downhill easy rolling ;-).


sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 07-06-2011

downhill is always the problem, as the program develops (or the athlete develops on the program) rolling hills becomes part of the program

well good luck with what you decide


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 27-05-2013

Hi TheEd,

Lot happend in the last two years among other things I ran a 2:36:40 Marathon and finally broke 35min vor the 10k. The crazy thing: I did it in this order!

Currently my10k PR is 34:26 and I want to focus on speed and get this down to low 33s before turning to marathon training again in August.

I am familiar with the program and I am following it to some extend (it got me from 36 to35 two years ago).
Do you have a suggestion for an extra focus on speed. Comparing my M to 10k I obviously lack something on the fast and shorter side.


sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 29-05-2013

quite a decent marathon time, you should be able to transform that to sub 34 for 10km quite successfully

what are you planning on doing next?


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 02-06-2013

Hi TheEd,

I have a track race on Thursday 20th June. First track 10.000m for me. Would be great to go sub 33:30 there.

A little more context: The 2:36 Marathon was in September 2012. 3 weeks after this I broke 35 for the 10k for the first time running 34:45. Then I went into a non-competitive winter time.
After some trouble with colds and flu I started off this spring with a 34:28 in April. Two weeks ago I blew up a tough course (muddy): I went with the leaders (33:15 winning) till 8k and then totally broke down to loose 30s per km and still ran a PR in in 34:26.
Last two weeks I recovered from this (felt terrible) without speedwork and put in some distance.

20th June is in a bit less than three weeks so I think I will:

- Today: Run 5x2k R90 really hard to simulate a weekend race.
- Wed: 5x2k R90 as the hard 2k Intervalls of the cycle (one day ahead)
- Then follow the cycle trying at some point to get another day ahead (probably next week) to be ready to race on Thuresday 20th