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sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 25-11-2010

OK this is excellent .. running to and from work is a great way to have doubles

how do you incorporate the 'quality' work to fit in with your daily schedule?

The winner of the Copenhagen Marathon in 2009, Toyokazu Yoshimura , used to run to and from work as his weekly training

Nice going

ps.. please do note, that assisting via the internet is not easy and often the exchange back and forth does not come across in the correct way, especially when putting across coaching experiences that may assist those using the program .. in a one on one situation it is very easy to put thoughts across

sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 25-11-2010

Hi TheEd,

I did today's 5x2k as a late am run. I worked from home at the early morning, started at 10.30. I will do it like this in future. Quality-workouts are much easier when it is not dark outside (pm runs). For a hard am effort I just have to wait till breakfast is digested :whistle:.

Reading it just from the watch:
Time | AvHr
6:56 I 163
6:59 I 166
6:56 | 168
7:04 | 167
6:59 | 167

HR after R90 was always under 120 (if more detailed infomation e.g. MaxHR helps I could update this once I uploaded the data).


P.S I appreciate your help very much! I have never been in track and fields and in football you also never have a one on one coach...

sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 25-11-2010

This is a good session and the pulse dropping to 120 during the rest shows that there is more to come once your natural speed is improved, which will happen once you get the 1000's and 400's rolling at 5 and 3k pace

not sure when you have another 10k race planned however I think you very close to sub 35, if not there already


ps.. sent message

sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 25-11-2010

The next race is on 12.12: The perfect 3-week cycle. I will get the 6x1k done in 3:20 next week, do an easy 10x400 (did not have any problems with them last time) and break the 35min.
Today's session felt like a breakthrough.

After the 12.12. race. There is another 20-day cycle leading to a race on 31.12.

Both races are on an accurately measured course. The race on 12.12. has a very strong field and I will have the help of a big group going sub35. Should be 15th to 20th place.
The 31.12. will be with not such a strong field and a 34-low would pobably win there. It will be the first race I will run for a place on the podium.


sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 25-11-2010

sounds like it is coming together in good time frame


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 01-12-2010

Well the snow and freezing temperatures are a bit worrying. I hope it will get warmer next week to allow running on ice- and snow-free roads on 12.12.

I did my 6x1k today on pedestrianized roads around a block in the city centre, because all roads in parks are full of snow and ice. It was fun... especially for the people at the christmas-marked, seeing the crazy runner running by at 3:20min/k.

details on the session later...


sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 01-12-2010

Big Grin the wife's comment today was

who ever said runners were completely sane

it's going to be a tough winter


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 01-12-2010

Yep, its the Gulf-stream being weak for some years now.
It was a good decission to do the session this morning, we have 5cm of snow now on the streets.

| Time | Avg HR | Max HR |
| 00:03:20 | 158 | 166 |
after R60 117
| 00:03:21 | 159 | 169 |
after R60 129
| 00:03:21 | 162 | 169 |
after R60 128
| 00:03:22 | 161 | 171 |
after R60 128
| 00:03:20 | 163 | 172 |
after R60 125
| 00:03:20 | 163 | 172 |
after R60 123

It felt very easy, although my HR didn't get down as far as in the 2k R90!

Maybe I have to be creative/crazy to get the 5km paced done on Sat. Or I just settle for a very boring and unfamiliar treadmill run at a gym.


sub 35min after marathon training - TheEd - 02-12-2010

doing the 5k paced on the treadmill could be the solution


the pulse dropping slower in the 1000's is notable in that it 'may' show that the 5k pace development still needs to be absorbed .. this is progress and once you doing the 2k session in 3.20 per k then you definitely know you will be on a totally different level


sub 35min after marathon training - derele - 04-12-2010

Hi TheEd,

I rather gave pedestrians, cyclists and your wife another reason to doubt the mental sanity of runners (or at least of one particular runner:mmmSmile.
Did my 5k in the city centre, gyms are too expensive in Germany and want you to sign contracts lasting ages.

| Split | Time | Avg HR | Max HR |
| 1 | 00:03:30 | 153 | 164 |
| 2 | 00:03:34 | 165 | 168 |
| 3 | 00:03:30 | 168 | 170 |
| 4 | 00:03:33 | 170 | 173 |
| 5 | 00:03:27 | 173 | 176 |
| Summary | 00:17:36 | 166 | 176 |

Felt quite easy these 51s improvement from the session 5 weeks ago.

During my search for a gym today I found out we have a University track and fields team doing a training session on Tuesday in the cities big basketball and track and fields hall. It has a 200m track. I will do my 400m on Tuesday there, and probably also future 1k sessions.