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10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 14-02-2020

Hello all! First off all thank you for oportunity to experience and train with this nice program. I was searching this a long time as a retired athlete(swimming) to this point and decided to give it a go. Curently I am training with my partner and we are on 4 th day off second build up cycle. We did time off and all. All we did as the program says is easy running and some medium effort rolling hills. Now can I tell you little information about me.

Im 188 cm, 89 kg. Running background : little, did here and there some mountain hikes and 45 min runs as a part off preparation to mine swimming season. As off mental aspects I can say I am a patient person, disciplined and pacing system is incorporated in me which is logical because swimming is very similar, strategy is very important.

I did 236 km with this program from January 6th until now,never missed a day. Most of the kilometers were in first, second and third zone. Heart rate was never above 140 bpms, one fartlek and rolling hills were above 150 bpms, reason is hill course is 200 m elevation gain and my 75% effort is 155. My goal is for this year is to progress fine and enjoy.

Paces are 6:15/km avg on 130 HR, 7:15/km avg on 117 HR bpm, resting Hr is in range of 56-60. Core workouts, hip muscles workouts included 2 times a week.

I got a few questions!

4 k time trial is scheduled on 1 st March, and the problem is the track is occupied, some local competetion. How we can handle this, should I do 4 k trial on Saturday 29 th, February which is rest day or Monday 2nd, March?

Other question is about a race which is scheduled on 28th, March(Saturday, 10 km, 80 m elevation gain) But I will wait your response and we can talk about this, because clearly I will finnish first cycle off 10 km training few days before race, and I dont know what to do on race day.

Thank you in advance for your attention and sorry for my mediocre english  Big Grin" alt="Big Grin" title="Big Grin">



RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 14-02-2020

More information about PBs:
10k : 51:30 on the track
5 k: 23:15 on the soccer stadium

Future goals : Under 40 min 10k, Under 1 30 Half maraton

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 16-02-2020

Hi Dominik and welcome, thanks for the info

in reply to the questions, you can do the 4k time-trial on the 29th, take a day rest beforehand if you want. Start slowly and build up your pace, don't go too quick in the beginning, try finish stronger

you more that welcome to do the 4k time-trial earlier if you want, and then we can do various things according to the time-trial time

thanks TheEd
ps.. don't worry about your english, it is not a grammar site Smile

RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 17-02-2020

Greetings TheEd!

Thank you for your answer. I scheduled and reserved a track lane on 29th Feb. Will take a rest one day before instead of 5x8 min fartlek session. Things for now are going great, I am feeling stronger and faster after 4th week off build up as you said, how did you know Big Grin
Hope we can arrange and juggle training around my first official 10 k(well 10300m,80 m elevation gain) road race on 28th March,2020

Good day

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 17-02-2020

Great to hear Dominik, we will change the last few days before the event, so that shouldn't be a problem

on we go and enjoy


RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 20-02-2020

Hello TheED!

I got some bad news, well news. I got some low back pain(an old injury) and I decided to rest until Monday. So I am skipping a important workouts like today 1 h easy, tomorow 5x8 min fartlek, Sunday rolling hills workout. How should I treat my last week off build up because on Saturday is 4 k trial? Should I continue on program like it says( Monday 1 15 long run, Tuesday 1h easy and so on) or should I tweak thing little bit?

Thank you in advance


RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 20-02-2020

HI Dominik, back off completely, focus on recovery first .. you can swim if you want but avoid weight bearing until things realign themselves. This is a little towards overuse and the body needs to recover. We do things on a daily feedback and we put the time-trial plans to the side for now.

So number one plan is have the body recover


RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 21-02-2020

Hi TheED!

I did cross traing yesterday and today and I am feeling much better, maybe it was just a muscle spasm from my core workout. I will swim tommorow and Sunday and would like to continue training(last week off build up). How should I approach that last week? I am motivated to finnish this with time trial on Saturday, because this was just a reaction to core training not an injury.

Ty, Good day


RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 21-02-2020

HI Dominik, great to hear things eased up. When you go on the 10k training proper, we recommend that you don't do any strength or core training from Day 3 to Day 8 in the 1st cycle, thereafter you can reintroduce the normal core training etc you do but with caution

when have the 4k time-trial planned? If this Saturday, then it should be OK to do


RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 21-02-2020

Hi TheEd

Thank you for advice! Next Saturday is 4 k trial and that week is my last week of buildup. I will let you know my result. So the strategy is to start 1 km calm and controlled and progress kms from 2 till 4 th on strong pace, last km is all out.