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RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 21-02-2020

Yes Dominik .. approach to doing the 4k time-trial good. Hopefully next week goes down well without any hassles, please note, we can change things round next week according to how you feel


RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 24-02-2020

Hello TheEd

Today was my first day of running after 4 days of swimming/resting. The feeling on my today run was sluggish, kinda weird feeling of heavy legs. Pace was 6:15 per km on 130 HR. I suppose that sluggish feeling evaporates before my 4 k trial on Saturday. Is there any workouts to do for this effect to disapear or should I just let it pass and train on the schedule.

Thank you

Have a good day

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 26-02-2020

Hi Dominik, do week 3 of the 10k program and then go into the 4k time-trial

the body should resurface before the 4k (hopefully, though it is a marker you setting for the program, so no stress)

onwards TheEd

RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 29-02-2020

Hi TheED

First off all I got to apologise. I did the 5 k, it was local race on the stadium and I couldnt resisted to do a race. I am sry if I messed up. Race was tought, my lungs was burning and my brain Big Grin Legs was OK, and I didnt feel so much devastated, but my lungs, dear god. I did my best. 100% for now.

Splits and HR are:

4:30 - average 142 HR
4:20 - average 173 HR
4:16 - average 179 HR
4:05 - average 181 HR
3:55 - average 178 HR

This was my 100% at the moment .

Have a great day


ps. Recovery days till THURSDAY?

average 4:13 pace, overall 21:06 5 k

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 29-02-2020

Nice going Dominik, once a competitive athlete, always a competitive athlete

please focus on recovery the next few days and then we can plan ahead

take a look at this link for some tip towards the 10k programs

little steps now

ps.. I am sure you are happy with your run?

RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 29-02-2020

Hi TheED

Should I do some easy runs or just resting? When should I start 10 k program? My next race is 28th March(10 km, 80 m elevation gain).

ps. Yes I am very happy, looking forward to train and do, as you said, little steps to my goals.

RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 01-03-2020

Hi TheEd

I reserved a track for thursday 4 x 2 km session. So my goal pace would be 4:20 per km or slower ? 21:06 was 5 k, 4:13 average per km.

Thank you

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 03-03-2020

Hi Dominik, you would have had easy runs and the Tuesday an easy run as Day 1 and then Day 3 Thursday 4 x 2k @ 4.20 per k sounds good

please provide feedback


RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 05-03-2020

Hello TheEd

I did the 4x2k session, I am statisfied, it was a good session. Wasnt easy at all, but it wasnt hard like "im am going to die feeling". Splits are:

1. 8:36 (4:15, 4:21) AVGHR - 161 BPM
2. 8:29 (4:13, 4:16) AVGHR - 163 BPM - STARTING HEART RATE(2 MIN REST) : 127 BPM
3. 8:30 (4:17, 4:13) AVGHR - 163 BPM - STARTING HEART RATE(2 MIN REST) : 127 BPM
4. 8:11 (4:15 ,3:56) AVGHR - 167 BPM - STARTING HEART RATE (2 MIN REST) : 132 BPM

Session was on a track course 400 m lap
Have a good day

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 05-03-2020

Hi Dominik, quite a fine session, starting off slower and building up the pace always looks good

you definitely have an engine that no doubt will improve with progressive training

keep the balance and recover well