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RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 15-03-2020

Hello TheED

Paced run track(400m):
1km - 4:14 AVGHR 152 BPM
2km - 4:17 AVGHR 163 BPM
3KM - 4:14 AVGHR 172 BPM
4KM - 4:11 AVGHR 177 BPM
5KM - 3:51 AVGHR 180 BPM

TIME : 20:47 / AVG 4:09 PER KM

Also did today 1 hr recovery run/9 km

Next weekend 10 k race on little bit shorter track(300m). How should my strategy look like, its my first race in my life on 10 k

Good day

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 17-03-2020

Hi Dominik, I would like to make the recommendation to all, to cutback on intense training during the COVID-19 outbreak. (I shall copy & paste this to all) .. Take your previous 6 x 1km session highest heart rate reading and during this period of training keep the pulse at least 5 to 10 seconds below that high heart rate reading. We can introduce different training sessions so we can all maintain our training cycles, however we should not over test our bodies so that it weakens our immune system. Please ask more questions if necessary.

RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 17-03-2020

Hi TheED

Thank you for your concern. But as covid concern, there is no danger here, I am training alone, track is a ghost town so its not possible to pick up any virus. And Im doing a remote job.
I am planning to do a 10 k race this Saturday, do you have any advice. Should I split a race to thirds or lock even pace until 9 km then finnish strong?

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 17-03-2020

Hi Dominik, take a look at this

Race your best 10km

hopefully this is of assistance


RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 17-03-2020

Hi TheEd

Ok I will try to run at this strategy 4 15 first km then settle to 4:30 pace until 9th km then close the race. It will be awesome if I endure that. But no pain no gain Wink Hear you soon

It would be good result, because this is my first cycle and first 11 weeks of running in my life Big Grin

RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 21-03-2020

Hi TheED

Unfortunatley my country banned all tracks, stadiums all public locations. So I couldnt do 10 k on a track. I did a 13 km trail with 250 elevation gain in 1:03, did 48 min 10 k in that 13 k trial race on technical ground. Average hr on that run was 161 BPM. Feeled very good, average pace was 4:56. Now one question?

Track where is did 2k and 1 k sessions are banned, we dont have straight loops in this town. Should I take week off and start time off, build up phase, what are your thoughts on that? I could maybe manage to run on pavement somewhere that time off and build up. Im sad but tell me your thoughts? Covid-19 screwed me hard

RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 22-03-2020

Sry for bad words :/ But I am training fanatic

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 25-03-2020

Hi Dominik, are they not allowing any form of exercise

if you unable to go out we all have to ride through this in the safest way possible

look to do a set of exercises which you can do at home, made up of press-up .. (pull-ups if you can) .. sit-ups .. burpees

let us know what you plan to do?

good luck for the process


RE: 10 km journey - Dominik2006 - 25-03-2020

hi TheED

I can go run but they closed all tracks and facilities to do speedwork . I can run on the road, but 4x2k sessions and paced 5k and 6 x 1 k are near to impossible to achieve because of hilly road. And we couldnt compare. So do you think its clever to do time off and build up until they open that tracks, stadiums ext.?

RE: 10 km journey - TheEd - 20-04-2020

Hi Dominik, how are you coping on your side`?