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RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 24-01-2021

Hi coach,

Hope you're great!

Sunday was a race day!
10k 46:08  avg hr 161

That was fun, thanks again for everything! Such a privilege to be guided by you!
Looking forward to the next cycle ?‍

1 4:49 hr150
2 4:50 hr153
3 4:47 hr156
4 4:42 hr157
5 4:38 hr160
6 4:36 hr164
7 4:35 hr165
8 4:28 hr166
9 4:38 hr166
10 4:10 hr171

Tomorrow rest, Tue&Wed recovery runs. Afterwards I'm thinking to continue with the same program, tweaking the pace a little to shave off those 8sek.

A question,  in order to start the program on Tue again, do I just continue with the recovery runs until the end of the next week or what's the best way to proceed here?


RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 24-01-2021

Nice Stacy .. no need to up the pace, go through same routine and let your body absorb things

no need to up anything, with a little more experience things will improve naturally

If you race on Sunday, then 1 day recovery, the Tuesday session is an easy run, so simply make it a recovery run

onwards TheEd
ps. exceptionally nice pacing in that run

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 29-01-2021

Hi TheEd,
hope you're enjoying your morning!

Yeah, sorry, my mind was too slow to think after the race and too quick to ask questions. I followed the plan with rest and recovery on Tue. And I'll keep the same target pace on quality sessions, right?
Agreed on your point with pacing, my friend was a great pacer and had things under control. Thankful for this. I hope to learn all this some day!

Legs felt fine after the race, but the energy level super low this week, but I'm prone to think of a few  circumstances as a reason. Training is rather what keeps me grounded.

Monday rest/yoga
Tuesday 30min recovery
Wednesday rest/tennis
Thursday 2k×3 track session with 90sek rest

1km 4.44      hr136
2km 4.42      hr161 (mistakenly only 60sek rest)
3km 4.44      hr157
4km 4.47      hr160
5km 4.42      hr151
6km 4.49      hr158

(last session from 7.01.2021
1km 4.49      hr 158
2km 4.46      hr 163
3km 4.49      hr155
4km 4.45      hr162
5km 4.44      hr157
6km 4.43      hr166).

The track was a pure ice rink yesterday, worked out well enough, but was a challenge to stay relaxed. Everything but running was in focus - only a limited amount of runnable space, because of the ice and also a local rugby team was training, so many maneuvers had to be made to stay on feet.
Overall felt fun, no two track sessions feel alike, so it's just to move on and get the best of it!

Have a great weekend,

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 29-01-2021

Hi Stacy .. if the weather doesn't play along, don't panic, we do what we can do

have a good weekend and hopefully the long run can be achieved without problems

enjoy TheEd

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 31-01-2021

Morning The Ed,

Checking in...
Friday rest
Saturday long run, the aim was to stay relaxed, in the flow, maintaining the pulse within zones 1-2. Mostly asphalt,  with a bit of frozen beach sand.
1h53min 21,3km
avg pace 5:19/km
avg hr 143bpm (1,04h zone 2; 45min zone 1)

Felt nice, relaxing. Stopped a few times to take pics and eat. A few efforts on the uphills. Overall great feeling Smile.

Looking forward to 1k session,  my idea for now is to have it on Tuesday, so I might be fatigued from Monday, but will try to compensate by longer sleep and just take it easy on Tue. Will see how it unravels.

Have a great Sunday,
Take care,

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 01-02-2021

excellent Stacy .. it is the recovery from sessions that are important ..

once you go through a few cycles, the body should absorb the training and we have found that come the 1k session the runners have a far better 1k session than the 2k

all of this takes time and the balance of what you do Monday must be taken into account

having said that, I do believe if you look after yourself the results will come naturally

nice going TheEd

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 03-02-2021

Hi The Ed,

Thank you!
Yeah, agree. I've noticed that recovery matters much more, than one anticipates. A lighter workout combined with a lack of sleep and nutrition can turn out into quite a stress for the whole system. As you said, balance is important!

Monday yoga/rest
Tuesday track session 5×1k w/90sek rest

1 4.35 hr156
2 4.32 hr154
3 4.36 hr156
4 4.29 hr157
5 4.26 hr159

Felt nice throughout, endorphins worked like a charm! Was very sleepy the whole day, and considered skipping the session,  but took a power nap and decided to see how it goes, at the end I left the track with greater energy than I came there!
Will see how it feels and goes on Saturday's paced 5km...

Have a great day,

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 03-02-2021

This is good Stacy ... that is Day 3 to Day 8 done .. coping with doing that is the major part of the program

once you have mastered that everything else becomes easier

onwards TheEd

RE: endeavoring 10km program - Stacy - 07-02-2021

Hi TheEd,
hope you're doing well!

Thank you for the encouragement and guidance!

Skipped Thu recovery run, couldn't manage it timewise, and then got super tired and prioritized sleep over running.  Otherwise all good!
Felt my right shoulder blade pinching past couple of days, guessing tennis and being tensed up in the body due to weather conditions. Seems to be passing now.

Saturday 5k tempo
Total 22.35
1 4.39 hr158
2 4.33 hr162
3 4.38 hr162
4 4.24 hr165
5 4.21 hr170

It is unusually cold for the area atm, 7 below zero and humid, but sunny, which made the mood! Was careful with breathing, trying to keep it through the merino buff, which obstructed the oxygen intake I feel. Overall felt fun - challenging and hard, but controlled and joyful.

Afterwards went ice-skating for 15km, so will see how the legs feel today in the afternoon about 10km run. Perhaps will opt for recovery instead,  as everything is covered with snow anyway.

Best regards,

RE: endeavoring 10km program - TheEd - 07-02-2021

Hi Stacy .. take the rest day .. training has been good

you will soon be back to normal

onwards TheEd