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Originally Posted by TheEd View Post
you mentioned the feeling appearing during the hilly run. Muscle fatigue and a few days off should sort you out

swim if you can, as that may help

keep me informed

ps.. you didn't do a form session, did you?

The leg has been fine for a couple of days but just held off getting back out too early and antagonising it again so left it an extra day. The plan was to get out today but I have a stiff neck and may just leave it today. All in all good news, I am ready to go again when I choose, probably Boxing Day now.

The form session was scheduled for today so. Bit disappointing not to be blue to do it. What I was doing anyway as making Bit of an effort to pull the elbows back a bit more and lower the hands.

Happy Christmas to all, hope your all have a good one and will report in once I get back to running one base mileage next week.

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