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Hi Ed

Yes it is quite a spike isnt it. If that was my heart I would be going to see the Dr right now but do not worry since the blue line is pace and I thank you for your concern (at least I sensed it was a concern). It is likely I had to run around a group of other runners at that point and for some reason way out of pace. Probably it was (if I remember) just a bit crowded at that point and I wanted out the way.

As you suggested a little while ago I have come out of the program and am doing the 'Off Training Period' as coming out of the half I felt Jaded the next few days and thought about your suggestion of doing the 'off training period' and 'build up'. So I let x3 days pass without doing any running and then went out and have been going out every 2nd day on a 60min easy run. I can see that this differs to the specific 'Off Training period' program you provide and so I hope there wont be a forthcoming consequence like the program wont work as well as it should ?

Already though I feel like I want to go out and do some serious hill runs and tempo runs and interval runs because I feel better that way. Just doing the 'off training makes me feel more jaded perhaps anxious. i think I will enjoy the build-up program as it involves a lot of what I was doing before I found your site.

What do you think ? just go into the build up and then back into program ? No 10ks coming up. 5K park run maybe an option.

I think 3week build up and then a 4k time trial and then back into program ?
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