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Unfortunately, the likelihood of finding a running partner is near zero. Fortunately, I have boundless enthusiasm. With three kids at home I cherish any time I get outside, even intervals.

More seriously, I have been thinking of how to proceed after two cycles and my race on 11/11. Winter is difficult for me because I don't have any quality cold weather gear, so I am thinking of trying to do at least one (and maybe 2) more cycles before a rest and a buildup. If I do two cycles, it could extend the buildup into February, which would be good.

Anyway, that is getting ahead of myself. Let's get through two cycles and my 11/11 race first and then we can decide how to get through the winter.

Long run tomorrow at 90 minutes. I predict about 19k at easy pace. It is probably best to take it one day at a time.
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