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I weighed myself earlier . Gained 1kg. My weight fluctuates so ill keep monitoring it. Im actually not on a diet that's the problem; on the contrary, im trying my very best to gain weight.

With regard to training, all easy runs (40min & 15k) were on pace (below 4:47min/km). I did 15k (70mins) on that sunday, and 15k today (70mins). My 5k time trial was on pace. Here are the splits:

1st km: 3:35min/km

Keep in mind that i was trying to go for sub 18:20mins that day (pace on or below 3:40min/km). Will go for 30min easy tomorrow (typical easy run that gets me to 6.50km's now).

What would you advice about this decrease in my weight?

Thanks !
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