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Working towards my first sub 45 10K

Hello TheEd,

I have been training very consistently the past 10 months. This has resulted in PB’s of 45:43 for the 10k and 1:50:20 for 21k. Pleased with that, but I know I can go faster and I am very determined to go below 45m and 1:45h this year! I have basically been making my own schedules and now decided to start following a schedule from this site to get to the next level.

First up the 10k. My next race is March 31st. I started the sub 45 schedule some 10 days ago. Today I completed day 10 (easy 1 hr) and completed it in 72 min at a pace of 5:21. Felt very controlled. The schedule now gives me a resting day, and then the 5k paced run. However, tomorrow being Sunday, I would like to skip the resting day and do the paced run. Will the skipping of the rest day affect my performance of the paced run? I did have 2 rest days before today!

Chances are you will not be able to reply before tomorrow, so I’ll go ahead with my paced run. Still looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks, Johan
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