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"another" come back


It has been a WHILE since I post here and lot happen in between.

- due to work & life I had to train less.
- then I returned to the program, did 5 cycles and had a great (better than expected) 10km race on Sept. 6, 2015. Time was 37:58, splits:
1 3:46 159 bpm
2 3:42 180 bpm
3 3:42 186 bpm
4 3:46 188 bpm
5 3:46 189 bpm
6 3:52 187 bpm
7 3:51 184 bpm
8 3:53 190 bpm
9 3:52 180 bpm
10 3:59 181 bpm

It could a bit better but by the end of the 5th km I started to have a pain in the top of my left foot. The elastic lace was too tight and had to slow down.

Also raced in a Sprint Aquathlon and the time for the 5km run was around 19:15.

Then started to enter some short trail runs (ranging from 15 - 32km). Is was an all new experience. On the trails had nice perfo on the flats and downhill's and sucked on the up hill. Any transition to UP was like hitting a barrier. So, went through a phase were I over tried to improve the uphill skills and had a major right soleus injury that took some time to heal. In the meantime did some lite biking some swimming.

Then I had to work abroad. Came back start cycling, had a crash. A lot of work stress. Moved to a new work challenge.

For some months have been running here and there whenever I feel the mood. Also am swimming 3x a week in a master group.

Did a great small "ÖTILLÖ" swim-run race. Another great experience!!!

The last 4 weeks picked up running again and ran between 35 to 65km weekly. Last weekend did a 20km trail (1h53 with 800m cumulative height, avg pace 5:36) this will be a light week. Legs were pretty sore the day after the trail. The day before had done a 11km run with some friends and junior kids averaging 4:26 and felt really easy. Since the trail, had a couple of days without running but with lots for stretching and foam rolling, yesterday went for light 6km @5min HR137 and a relax swim session. today legs start to feel fresh again. Later on I will go for an 1h easy run.

Overall running nowadays feels easier than ever. In 2015/2016 had to somehow push to cruise sub 5min / km now I its very easy to cruise without effort between 4:25 - 4:40. If a push a bit I'll go bellow 4:05. Have done a long run > 1h30 almost every weekend. Sometimes do a set of progressive strides of 90 - 100m on grass. 5 - 8x (15 - 18seg)

Next week I'll start the "program" again has it was the one I ever had success with. Don't know if I will be able to do the 7 day in a row sessions row but aim to do the key sessions.

I planning the 5x 2km key session as:
- first 2 @4:05
- 3 .. 5 @ <= 4:00
- maybe the 5th a bit faster.

And work from there...

- Sub 18:30 5k
- Sub 37:30 10km next year.
- 21km in 1h24 or slightly bellow.

Next week i'll share what I have done .

Best Regards
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