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quite a first k

if you aiming to run sub 35 minutes then consider the next 2k session at

3.25 per k = 6.50 for 2k

then the 1k session at 3.15 to 3.20 per k

there is no need to go faster to start with

once you cope with the 2k session then you can consider increasing the pace

in the next cycle .. the short rest in both sessions is what stimulates the 10 and 5k needs for each distance

hope this helps and do ask further questions

ps.. you were quite close in the last race .. remember that you can go out quick the first 100m of a race but must settle into race pace thereafter .. so if you go through 1k in 3.20 you have a 10 second cushion to start and then if you can maintain 3.28 per k for the next 6k you arrive at 7k with the energy to attack the last part of the race .. it goes without saying it also depends on the nature of the course ..
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