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Hi TheEd,

Thank you for asking. I have had a bit of a mixed bag since my last post.

Easy Run
Time: 37:44
Pace: 5.37 min/km
Dist: 6.72 km

Easy Run
Time: 56:11
Pace: 5.11 min/km
Dist: 10.83 km

Easy Run
Time: 36:58
Pace: 4:51 min/km
Dist: 7.63 km

2km intervals
Basically, disaster

1km warm up @ 05:40 pace
2km 08:24 4:12 min/km
99s rest
2km 08:14 4:07 min/km
93s rest
0.41km 01:39 4:01 min/km
Had to stop because of the heat. Tried to rest and finish session three times but nothing. Threatened to pass out the last time so slow jog home rather dejected. Moral of the story, see the easy run the day before, far too quick. Definately a contributing factor to the failiure of this session as well as the heat. I was trying to run this earlier than usual as had plans later in evening otherwise would have gone at this at about 8pm rather than 5pm on a very hot day.

Race Day
Dist: 21 km
Time: 94:49
Pace: 4:27 min/km

First 10km in 45:30 (slowest 10km section)
Last 10km in 43:36 (Fastest 10km section)
Last 5km in 21:32 (Fastest 5km section)
slowest 1km: KM 8 and 9 @ 04:36 min/km
fastest 1km: KM 21 @ 04:13 min/km

What a difference a couple of days makes. This race replaced the 90min run on cycle. What I do not unerstand is this. How can I sustain this pace over such a distance and not be able to run marginally faster than this over intervals a couple of days before Havin just analised the splits, I am incredibly pleased with that last 5km in 21:32. I did save myself a little between km 7 -10 as knew there was a long way to go so kept those at 04:35/04:36.

Is this info any good to you TheEd? Can you use it to help me improve in any way? I seem to be struggling with the paced sessions but we know I have a bit of pace in there from the 20:12 5km a few weeks ago. Surely if I can run this far this quick then 4:10 2km ints aren't too big an ask?
Anyway, I have a loosener tonight and tomorrow and then the 1km session Wednesday. I want to be stubborn and go for 4min/km but if you advise different I will take the advice accordingly.

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