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Hi TheEd,

It was my first Half and only my fourth race (not including the 5km parkruns) so of course a PB!! I have ran 21km only twice in training before this race.

Following the cycle now building up to the 10km race on 19th June, the next speed session on Wednesday (day 8) should be the 6 x 1km? Am I better doing the 2km session again instead?

In case there is some confusion, I have not moved onto the sub 40 cycle yet, although wanted to integrate some of the sub 40 elements into the sub 45 cycle. Any suggestions are welcome! If you think I am pushing too hard, please say.

Also, I have ordered a Garmin 225. It has a built in HR monitor so will be able to provide HR info soon too!!

Sorted the arch blistering issue, was a lacing problem. Toe socks are on order too to prevent toe blisters. I had no problems yesterday with blisters and old ones are nearly healed.

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