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Good Morning all!

We'll keep the title, it's still rather catchy

I get starting the cycle a day earlier, but I do not understand which Friday i am to do the Fartlek session?. so ideally that would be done next Friday (cycle day 17?)

Up to now I have had to move juggle the schedule a little to fit in with my routine, for example, I find it tough to train much every second weekend due to family commitments from Friday to Sunday Evening. Club run nights are Mondays and Thursdays which I use for easy run nights generally. Longer time on feet runs I can do Sunday night.

I have been strict on keeping the Core element days in their relative positions on count back from race day according to the programme through the cycles completed so far. Starting the cycle a day earlier may be an issue with how things fall on a weekly basis. Do the Core elements need to be a day later or earlier please?

Easy Run
Time: 34:01
Pace: 5:18 min/km
Dist: 6.42 km

Pace development 6 x1km

Really happy with last nights efforts and good slow warm down means legs are pretty fresh this morning. I heeded advice and slowed the first few reps down to save a bit of effort for last couple!

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