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Icon7 Sub40 10k training (General inquiry)

Hi ! Im currently at sub40 with a PB of 44:13 (Day 13) for the 10k distance. My 5k best is 21:37. I've been having a hard time meeting the required pace for the interval runs. Im 10-20 seconds off the required pace usually. Definitely not having trouble with the easy runs and the 1hr and 30 long run. Any tips on breaking 40 minutes for the 10k distance? Also, once i had a side stitch when i was doing the 5k paced run. Ive read that core workouts could really lessen the chances of me experiencing one mid-run. Any ideas on how to incorporate that with the program? Or am I just rushing; perhaps, my body's still adjusting to the new mileage and pace? Although, i've experienced a setback before when i was trying to beat 55 minutes (did 2 cycles of it before i got through 55).

Here are the splits for my last 5 x 2000m (sub40):
1st 2000m: 8:19
2nd: 8:46
3rd: 9:02
4th: 9:28
5th: 9:12

Here are the splits for my last 6 x 1000m (sub40):
1st km: 4:01 min/km
2nd km: 4:10
3rd km: 4:24
4th km: 4:27
5th km: 4:29
6th km: 4:23 min/km

I'd like to know your thoughts !


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