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Welcome to the forums Mitchel, and congrats on going through the cycles and improving to where you are now, a great achievement

in order to make the 2k and 1k sessions specific to the individual, you should consider taking either a recent 4k or 5k time and working out your individual pace from the Program Tips

You are ready to train on the sub 40 minute 10k program and all you need is the pace for your needs.

it would be best to make a short-term goal of breaking 42:30, as well as the goal of breaking 20:30 for the 5k

have you done any off-period and build-up training programs?

the side stitch is a difficult one, it can be related to what you ate or drank before the session, as well as, that you could have gone out too quickly during the 5k paced run?

doing strengthening sessions can only benefit you and your running, and when you new to strength work, we recommend that you add it to your training after Day 8 in the beginning, and avoid doing a session a day before you expected to run faster.

Hopefully, this is easy to understand

for your 2k session, look to run easier in the first 3 x 2k and then up the pace as possible, always work on confidence building

please ask more questions where needed

and welcome

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