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Hello Ed!

Good day! How are you doing?!

As you've advised, I've decided to change my training paces according to what you've instructed in the link. Based on my 5k best of 21:37, I came up with these in order to break 42:30 for the 10k and 20:30 (5k):
  • 4:25 min/km for the 5 x 2000m R90
  • 4:10 - 4:15 min/km for 6 x 1000m R60
  • 4:15 min/km (race pace) for the fartlek

Also, I'd like to ascertain my pace for the 6x1000m. Should it be 4:05 - 4:15 min/km? I noticed that all the programs that I've finished would usually let me go 5-10 seconds faster than the required pace; kindly clarify.

Should I also change the pace for the 10x400m?:
  • From 10x400m R60 (86seconds; 3:35min/km) to 10x400m R60 (98seconds; that's 4:05 min/km)

I haven't done any off-period or build-up training. After i finish each program, i go through the required 3 recovery days and proceed to the next one (e.g. sub55 to sub50).
I may have gone out too quickly during that run. I ended up with a time of 23:40 during that 5k paced run. I usually just do 2-3 sips of water after my pre-run stretch. No meals 2-3 hours prior. Although it can induce a side stitch, that may have not been the case for me that day.
I'll incorporate strength training along with my running after day 8 of the next cycle and only before easy runs.
Noted! I'll try to run the first 3x2000m smoothly next time and up the pace during the last two. I may end up with a better performance that way

Thank you for the advice. Greatly appreciated!
Have a great day ahead!
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