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Hello Ed!

I finished my first attempt for sub40 today. I tried to maintain an even pace at the beginning as i wanted to keep it easy; hoping i can up the pace by the last 2 kms. My goal was to maintain the pace on or below 4:20min/km. Unfortunately, i was not able to do so; i finished 47:54. I found it hard to push and maintain the pace all throughout; my calves felt pretty heavy by the 5th km and felt that way the rest of the session.
Here are the splits:

1st km: 4:19 min/km
2nd km: 4:31
3rd km: 4:43
4th km: 4:38
5th km: 4:47
6th km: 4:47
7th km: 4:56
8th km: 5:04
9th km: 5:03
10th km: 5:02 min/km

Good weather though. Just 23C and no sunlight.
There seems to be no way to upload the HR data here. Do you happen to have a garmin account?
Id like to know your thoughts about this. How can i improve further?
Hoping to do better next time still!
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