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You are prescient, coach. The heat got to me and I ended up in the hospital with an IV. It wasn't just the running, I was working a bunch of overtime and had a lot of work stress and then I caught a bit of a cold, and BAM! I felt like I was going to die.

Anyway, I was screwed up for like ten days afterwards and I decided to abandon training for a while. I am still running, but limiting myself to 25-30 minutes a day at easy pace and am stopping if I feel over exerted. Unfortunately there is no end to the heat in sight (today is 30 days in a row with above 30 degree temps, and the 10 day forecast shows no relief).

I think I will get back into the training in September or October when the weather finally cools off. Anyway I will keep you updated, but I am going to be taking it really easy for the immediate future.
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