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Hi ed,

Been a while, hope things going well at Time-to-run. I thought I’d update you and ask some advice.

Since Aug last year my circumstances have changed and I only have time for 2 runs a week ☹ I run on Tues for around an hour covering about 8 miles, I push myself but enjoy the effort & pace. And Sat for 75mins at a relaxed pace.

I ran in a 10k race 3 weeks ago, it was off road and hilly. My time was 38:05
And last weekend I ran a half marathon, mixed terrain. My time was 1:25:50
So slower times than I’m used to, but I’m pleased my speed hasn’t declined as much as I feared! 😊

Are there any training tips you could give that would help to improve my 10k time, taking into account my limited free time? I don’t have specific goals except to enjoy running and be as fast as I can be on 2 runs a week!

I could fit in extra workouts at home although I don’t have a treadmill or gym equipment. Maybe plyometrics, strength training, yoga etc. What do you think?

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