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Still coming along here. Have been running alternate days and not pushing myself. Trying to stand more, and generally take care of myself. It feels like it is getting better, but progress is slow. Still a bit sore during the run, so I will continue taking it easy for a little while longer. One fortunate thing is that at least it is winter now, so I am not missing out on prime running time. At the same time it is hard to stay motivated when the temperature is dropping and I am battling a nagging injury. I'm looking for low stakes races to keep me going in the meantime.

Speaking of, I have a 7k fun run on Sunday, temperature expected to be -10. Judging by the running I have been doing, I am looking at somewhere between 28:30-30:00. I'm not going to push it, but there is always that desire to go for broke. Still, I promised myself I wouldn't go faster than 4:05/km, and I would ease off if I felt even a little bit sore.

As always, will keep you posted.
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