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The images are helpful and particularly in this case. In truth, I would have been more happy if you had done your fastest 2k's as the last 2 x 2k

a major aspect of this session is learning pace judgement

here is another article to look at, just in case you have not done so already:

Race Your Best 10k

on we go


Originally Posted by BlakeRunner View Post
PROGRAM SCHEDULE: 5 X 2000m R90s (7.50 / 3.55km) T

Hi there The 'Ed'

Last night I completed the 5 x 2000 ®90s.

I'm rating this session as a 5 in effort and I think I looked at pace once on the watch and also I think the pace times are better for it.

By the way are these attachments actually helpful ? if not then do you have a preference of how data is presented ?
Should have asked that ages ago but there you go.

Alright speak soon and have a nice weekend.
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