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Race coming up

Hi 'The Ed'

Well I succumbed to a stomach bug the last (best part of) last week. I was well enough to run at the weekend just gone and with the half marathon in mind which Im doing on 4th June I went out for a long run. Almost 16k and I felt comfortable at a moderate pace. I can post up the data readings if you would like to see them.

Other than that there is a 10k race coming up - Mon 2nd May. With that in mind what do you recommend doing for the remainder of the week ? I know that it is the whole program that builds you up for race day and as it happens im about to start cycle 4 of the program so am just starting the cycle again.

I am going by the program until you say otherwise - so today is Tuesday - Day 1 and its an easy 60 - 70 mins.

Should I run Friday aswell and rest Saturday ? rather than rest on Friday ?

Speak soon

P.S I like doing the 18mins of Fartlek and so would you highly oppose that if im not racing that weekend ?
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