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Thanks TheEd!

Monday 29/02
1hr 53min easy - 5:19/km 150bpm
Total distance: 21km

Went faster and further than I should have, tweaked right achillies 8km in, running fast with a tail wind, not good. I've learned my lesson about tail winds - resist the temptation.

Tuesday 1/03
48min easy - 5:47/km 139bpm
Total distance: 8km

Wednesday 2/03
49min easyish - 4:49/km 158/km
Total distance: 10km

Was meant to be 5k tt but a friend wanted to run with me so I pushed the tt to Friday and hoped to make this run a tempo. Squeezed in a couple of faster kms while he was stretching half way but had to stick to a slower pace for most of the run.

Saturday 5/03
3k warm up
5k time trial - 3:56/km 180bpm
3k warm down
5k time: 19:42min

Spent all day Friday waiting for running earphones to arrive in the post, but they never turned up because NZ post is useless. Ran on a flat route this time, had a 15kph head wind for the first half. New PB but still a bit disappointed with the time.

There is one week left until the 10k race, my tapered schedule for the coming week is:
Monday - 1hr 15min long easy run
Tuesday - 40min short easy run
Wednesday - 10x 400m intervals at ~3:40/km pace (this will be quite easy)
Friday - 30min short easy run
Saturday - 20min short very easy run
Sunday - race day:
2km warmup, 5min stretching, 2-3 strides, 10k race.

TheEd do you have any advice for this last week of training, or the race itself that might help me prepare?

Thank you very much for all of your wisdom helping me get this far! I'm in a better place than I had hoped to be, which is great! Thanks again
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