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Hope to get back on the ParkRun from next week.

Focusing on the 10,000 tonight... 6pm start. Weather is looking on the hot side unfortunately (23-24 degrees) but calm at least. Am keeping hydrated.

Did 9x800 off 80s on Tuesday at 5k pace with every 3rd rep at 3k pace which went *ok* although definitely felt tough after the hefty week before. Was holding 2:32-2:36 on the slower reps and 2:29-2:30 on the faster. Light tempo 5k on Thursday felt better (relaxed 3:30/km pace). Was exhausted on Friday, but easy run yesterday felt good.

I'm slightly heavier than I should be given how much running I've been doing, but not disastrously so (78kg-ish) and thankfully the track is flat

Planning to go out steady and hope to glide through 5k in 16:30-40 and hit the last 3k with some fight left... but we shall see!!
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