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15:53 track 5k!! We're back in business

16 degrees
8 k/h wind
.... 75.5kg on the line

3:14 (HR 150)
3:13 (HR 158)
3:17 (HR 161)
3:06 (HR 165)
3:01 (HR 166, max 168)

Was a quick race (winner just over 15:00). I dropped off the front pack after about 500m and found myself leading the second group. One guy came around me on the 3rd km which was great as I was able to recover (although we did slow down quite a bit) but I was then able to kick on for the last 2k so I think that slow pace was well timed for me.

Delighted with the time. The cooler weather and weight I think finally allowed me a proper blast. Somehow I managed to get to sub 76kg (fully hydrated). I suspect the extra kg's were mostly food/bloat from a stressful work week last week, and actually I've been lean enough from all the miles to get to fighting weight with some discipline!
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