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Sub 45-40 - Tri

Its great to be here.

A bit about me: 36 years, 5'11'' 178 pounds. 10K best is 44.44

4K test in 17:40 (Felt that I could have ran harder)

I have been fairly active in terms of working out, soccer bicycling but never actually ran a race until a local Christmas race this year which I ended up doing 44:44 seconds for a 10k.

I am joining a local tri-club and plan on doing a few 5k and 10ks in the spring along with a olympic tri in June.

Here my initial goal is to brake under 40. Should I follow the sub 45 or sub 40 training program for my first cycle?

I am on Day three of the program and today I am not quite sure of what pace to run.

I am aiming at 4.20 ( Which is about a 7minute mile)

Thanks, I will have some upcoming questions in terms of combining your program along with the tri-program.

Thanks so much

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