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Se How to get a Big Swede running fast!

Hi Ed!

I´ve been reading the forums and studying your program and I think I wanna give it a try!

Heres some facts about me:

Age: 40
Height: 190cm
Weight: 92kg (about 10 to many)
Live in Gothenburg, Sweden

Test data from feb -08:

Max hr: 180
Anaerobe threshold: 158
Aerobe threshold: 142
Fat burning max: 152
VO2 max: 55,5

It feels like I have improved the Anaerobe threshold to 160-161 since the test.

My personal best from 2008:

5k: 19:51 (sept 20)
10k: 44:17 (sept 6)
21,1k: 1:37:16 (okt 11)

I´ve been running since summer of 2006 and 2008 was the first year that I raced. I have had some injury during 2008 and rested for 1 month in july. Been carefully building up volume since then and are now running 40-45k/week, 4 times/week, not having any injuries. I think the lack of injuries is due to the 3 days of resting every week.

The races that are most important in spring 2009 are a 10,6k race in 9th of may and 21,1k race 16th of may. Just one week between them and I want to perform at my best on both of them!! Challenging!

I´m looking at the 10k sub40 program. I´m planning to do a 4k time-trial on Friday or Saturday this week and maybe starting the program on Tuesday.

I will bee most thankful for your advice on the matter!

Best regards,

Thomas, the Big Swede
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