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Day 3 - sub 60 10K Program

3 x 2KM
1 - 2KM - 10:10 - 5.05Min/KM - 167BPM
2 - 2KM - 10:15 - 5.07Min/KM - 174BPM
3 - 2KM - 10:17 - 5:08Min/KM - 179BPM

I set my Garmin for 2KM interval, and used a grass running track, the Garmin was stopping me with about 100M left on the track each time, so something was wrong somewhere. Anyway, I finished off the laps as per the track, just to make sure I was doing 2KM each time. I think next time I will just use the track distance and the lap button on the Garmin.

Having done this before the muscle memory of the correct pace to run at kicked in straight away, so these 2KM were probably as quick as I could go whilst ensuring the consistency and form was maintained throughout the 3 sets.

I had forgotten how good it feels to get the 2K session under your belt, and I was pleasantly surprised at the pace, a nice opportunity to go under 52.30 for the 10K race at the end of this cycle.



Start Weight (24/04/18) 87.6 Kg
Current Weight (25/04/18) 88.3Kg
Ideal Weight (15/07/18) 80.0 Kg
Resting HR ?
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