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training advice wanted


my situation,
seriously started running an losing weight 3 months ago. build a base of 40-50 km a week, spread over 4/5/6 runs a week dependent on my work/social long run is a weekly 16k.

i am 28 years, 182 cm long 78.8 kg and male.
i did a 3 k time trial in 11:08.

this prompted me to try the 40min 10k program. While the paces seem relatively easy, the number of reps is very hard on my legs(interfering with running up to 3 days after an interval session). Is this because i have an insufficient base?

i thought of 2 options for myself:

1) stop running intervals, build my base until i run around 75k a week.

2) reduce the number of reps to the number of reps in the 50min 10k program (4*1000 and 3*2000, skip the 400's) but keep the sub 40 pace.

What are your thoughts on how to proceed?

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