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Hi Ed,
got your post thanks will see how i go. icing my knee etc see what happens regards jon.
Morning Gavin,
just wanted to get back to you about the training,Well after two complete rest days i managed a good session this morning i ran 5 x 1 kilometer times ranging from 1.3.32
5.3.25 i guess i was around 90% for this session i was happy enough to do it without any knee pain. What i want to ask is what do you think for the rest of the week as i am planning to race next sunday,which will be my first one for a few month,its around a golf course so not really worried about a time,The week after i would like to knuckel down and do my best as its a bigger race.I thought i might be best to follow your program until next sunday now as ive only missed a few easy runs and a 5k time trial so not the best but feel ok,well thats all for now looking forward to hear from you soon best wishes jon.
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