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10KM Sub 35 or Sub 40?


First off I have to say that the Sub 40 10KM training has been working very well for me. I have gone through 2 cycles of the Sub 40 10KM training and achieved my Goal of Sub 40 just a couple of days ago on what most people call one of the hardest 10KM courses in my area (39:46) so many hills!. So Thanks!

Now I am just starting my 3rd cycle of this training and was wondering should I continue on with the Sub 40 or start attacking the Sub 35. My goal is a race comming up on July 18th with my goal being to acheive the best time I can. I think I am capable of running about 38:30 but am unsure of what training schedule to follow for best results. I have think it would be best to take the Sub 40 and modify the interval trainning to a pace slightly faster.

What are your thoughts?
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