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Hi TheEd,

did the 5K paced session this morning. Here are the splits

1K - 4.19
2K - 4.30
3K - 4.31
4K - 4.25
5K - 4.26

Total time of 22.12

Felt good during 2K-4K, and a improvement of 19 secs from 2 weeks ago.

Any advice on the best approach for my race?

I was thinking of sticking to 4.30 for the first 5K (no going out quick for the first 1K), then maybe giving myself a few seconds per K slack during 6,7 and 8 (maybe around 4.33-4.35) and then picking it up again for the last 2Ks where I can give it my all and use the other runners and my own adrenaline to see me through.

Also, for the next week is there anything I can do to improve my chances of a sub-45? Or should I just run through the last week as per normal?



PS weight this morning was around 13st 3lbs, so I'm slowly shifting it!
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