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4kTT - a few days early

Hi TheEd, so today was not as warm as the recent +30 degreesC days we have been having, ~22DegC,so I opted to do the 4k Time Trial, after 3 months of no running at anything quicker than 6:30/km.

Here are my splits, every 500m, as measured on my Suunto watch - sorry no HR, as my strap broke an I have not replaced it. I did not look at the watch the whole way, but tried to regulate the pace by feel.

4k time = 22:05.8 5:31/km.
0.5 2:50.1 5:38/km
1.0 2:42.9 5:26
1.5 2:46.0 5:33
2.0 2:46.5 5:32
2.5 2:44.6 5:29
3.0 2:46.1 5:32
3.5 2:46.5 5:29
4.0 2:40.3 5:23/km

I was a bit surprised that my pace was slower than my old 10km PB of 5:23/km, however I did that off a lot more 5k paced running, and plyometrics, so maybe I should expect to be a bit slower off only easy running.
The whole effort felt moderately hard on the breathing the whole way, with the last 500m my respiration rate noticeably quickening.
My legs felt fine however, nice and springy with no issues, and I could have run a lot faster and sprinted at the end for the 200m, but chose not to.

Looking at this I am tempted to start with the break 55 for 10km plan, with 2k pace at 5:37/km and 1k pace at 5:27, however I noticed in the MMS thread from 2009, you advised him to do the first10k plan, as you wanted to get some data first.
So before you decide, I thought it might be instructive to know what I have done the last few weeks or so(time based):

M T W Th Fr Sa Su
11/12 x 30 4kTT
4/12 50 30 60 30 30 x 90
27/11 20 40 60 45 x x x Weekend away on Business Trip.
20/11 25 45 50 45 x 60 90
13/11 30 45 30 40 x x 70
6/11 25 30 x 30 x x 60
30/10 x 25 x 30 30 x 55
23/10 x 20 30 30 25 x 45

All of the above runs were done at 6:30-6:45/km if less than an hour, and 6:45-7:00/km if over 1 hour.
Prior to 23/10 I was running about 3 days per week for no more than 30 mins per session, all easy talking pace.

Much as I would like to dive in and do the break 55 min plan, I will of course follow your lead in this matter

Look forward to hearing what you think, cheers, Andy.
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