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Hi TheEd,

Thanks for the warning but to be honest I don't quite understand your statement: " however you doing all the things that lead to overtraining (and rapidly)". Anyhow...

Due to work/projects complications it was not possible to do anything since last workout on wednesday. Thursday and Friday were very stressful with very little sleep.

By midday of Thursday I already had made the decision not to take part on the Sunday's event.

Spent most part of Saturday sleeping.

Here on Sunday we had some nasty weather conditions (heavy rain, strong winds ) the tri-event was cancelled.

Today is still a bit crappy gray day with some rain.

Later on I plan to just run some easy 40 minutes or spin for 30 minutes. Then resume the "program" tomorrow.

On Thursday the 2k set. This time targeting 4/5 x 2k Rest 90 seconds @ 4.10 per k = 8.20

Will this be ok? To restart with the right foot?

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