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This is the last week of training before the race, culminating with the race (which was today).

Monday 7/03
1hr 26min easy - 5:46/km 137bpm
Total distance: 15km

Tuesday 8/03
32min easy - 4:49/km 155bpm
Total distance: 6.5km

Wednesday 9/03
2.8k warm up
10x 400m with ~60s rests
400m - 74s - 3:05/km 155bpm
400m - 65s - 2:42/km 163bpm (hammer)
400m - 82s - 3:25/km 165bpm
400m - 83s - 3:28/km 162bpm
400m - 82s - 3:25/km 164bpm
400m - 80s - 3:19/km 167bpm
400m - 78s - 3:16/km 169bpm
400m - 81s - 3:22/km 167bpm
400m - 81s - 3:22/km 170bpm
400m - 72s - 2:59/km 173bpm (hammer)
2.3k warm down
Total distance: 9k

Friday 11/03
28min easy - 5:00/km 144bpm
Total distance: 5.5km

Saturday 12/03
21min easy - 5:05/km 155bpm
Total distance: 5.5km

Ran the most challenging part of the upcoming race, a small segment in the middle with hills, at 4:00/km pace to build some confidence.

Sunday 13/03
Race day. 7th men, 12th overall (I think).
10k race - 4:01/km 181bpm
10k time: 40:08min

I had a very specific race plan with pacings for each section of the race based on my training and my last 10k time trial. When the race started I latched onto the leading group and decided to see how long I could stay with them instead of sticking to my plan. To my surprise, despite running the first 4 km much faster than intended (3.46, 4:02, 4:00, 3:55) I felt comfortable. 6km in we reached a small section of elevation which I had practiced the day before, at this point I left the two guys I was running with and even caught and passed a guy that was well ahead of us previously. Splits over the hill section were 4:12, 4:12. The 8th and 9th km were easy going, the last km was over a grassy field, I've struggled to maintain pace on grass in the past but managed to hold out and finish with a 3:53 split, passing one more person.

I was a little disappointed I didn't crack 40mins when I realized how close I was after finishing, but I'm pleased to wipe a minute and a half off my PR on a less than ideal course. The biggest surprise was how much easier it is to run fast when there are others around you doing the same. This was my first race so I wasn't prepared for this factor.

I'm not sure exactly what to do in my training from here. There are no other local 10k races that I know of this year, there is a 5k race each week called "Park Run" that I might try and an event in September that has a half and quarter marathon option. I am also interested to try track running perhaps.

Thanks again for your help Ed, I would not have made the progress in these last 2 months that I have without your website and your advice!
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