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Hi TheEd,

Just wanted to drop back in to say a big thank you for your guidance in 2016 as I was getting started running!

Since my last post I've continued to run fairly consistently, increasing my mileage each year and gradually improving my race times.

I'm about to tick over 4000km for 2018 so far, training this year has been focused on my debut marathon (Dunedin, New Zealand marathon in September), the course was new this year and not a very fast course, but I went under my 3hour goal time with a time of 2:47:52 placing second overall (first senior men). Also made good progress on my 5k PB (16:47), 10k PB (34:42) and half marathon (1:18:28 and a regional championship win in windy conditions).

Thanks again for getting me started in the right direction, I don't think I'd have made the progress I have without your help
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