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4k time trial

Hi TheEd,
well where do i start...bit of a roller coaster of evens really starting with my last easy run prior to running the 4k time trial.I was out runing an easy hour prior to my rest day and took a bit of a fall so not thinking to much about it i rested up yestoday as i felt pritty worn out to be honest.This morning after a bit of head scratching and proding and poking i went out and did an easy hour to see how things are,ive got a few niggles to be honest right knee and left glute which i caused practicing my commando rolls the other day...I was thinking wait until the weekend and try a 5k now if all is ok,i cant see me making that much progress from now till nexts weeks race so i figured take a few easy runs and go for it maybe sunday morning.What do you think regards jon.
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