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Hi Ed thanks for such a quick answer, I see it's a very busy forum and must take a lot from your time, I feel kind of a privilege of having advice and guidance from you.i train everyday, one day rest a week. Medium steady runs from 50 mint to 1h10.long run once a week, if building for half marathon, goes from 1h20 built up till 2h.vo2max I donne 16x400 rest 1mint,range 80/85 sec.and start at 6x1k,built untill 10x1k,rest 1 mint.starting at 3.45 progress untill 3.35.pbs,5k 18. 12/10k 37.52. Half Marathon 1h18.matter to say I really suffered the last 3k,had no gears left and not was able to kick the last 400,all runners know what I mean. .for my training I use a gps running watch model garmin 205.sorry for such big text but I just tried to provide you with the most information I can so you can have and idea and tell me what you think I was doing wrong. Don't use heart monitor and not a big fan of doing races all the time. Like to have a plan and work to be in shape for that especial race. Thanks for your time Ed.can provide my schedule worth, 1 month training but it takes a lot of space and will be a big mail, lol.
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