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Agreed nothing more I could have done. All my training was in 0-5 degrees and the race started at 20, finished at 24+ degrees!

Struggling to find the right marathon at the right time unfortunately... so thinking I might just leave it till October and focus on 5/10k for a few months? I think with the new base mileage I can really do some damage to the 16:26/33:37 pb's and set myself up for a marathon performance in Oct if I keep the 30k+ going every few weeks.

I've also entered an Aquathlon (2k swim, 21k run) in July which I'm really excited about - perfect for me, and got invited to race the London Duathlon again in Sept.

Mentally I'm feeling good/motivated and I know I was in shape for a PB, so I don't *need* the verification

What do you think?

PS legs good, reckon I can start up 2k's on Thurs.
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