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Day 8 - sub 60 10K Program

5 x 1KM
Rep - Distance - Time - Pace - Av HR
1 - 1.08KM - 4:52 - 4.30Min/KM - 161BPM
2 - 1.09KM - 4:55 - 4.31Min/KM - 163BPM
3 - 1.08KM - 4:51 - 4.27Min/KM - 167BPM
4 - 1.09KM - 4.56 - 4.29Min/KM - 170BPM
5 - 1.08KM - 4.51 - 4.29Min/KM - 172BPM

I ran the same grass track as the 3x2K session, and did the efforts based on the track distance rather than my Garmin, so for each effort the distance is the distance recorded by my Garmin. I thought best to use the track distance, as the Garmin is showing that the track is longer than 800M, and I would rather do a little bit extra than a little bit less. Also, the walk back to start took me 2 mins each time, so I had a little extra recovery each time.

Nice session, again I went with the pace that felt like the right one, and I think I nailed it. The last 600M of the 4th and 5th reps we're tough as the HR shows. However, I kept my form and was still running in a relaxed way without straining or pushing, there wasn't any additional speed left in me though.



Start Weight (24/04/18) 87.6 Kg
Current Weight 87.7Kg
Ideal Weight 80.0 Kg
Resting HR 71
BMI 28.3
Body Fat % 30.1
Body Water% 51.8
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