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5x2k R90s on the track today... (HRAVG, HRMAX)

6:37 (150, 161)
6:36 (152, 164)
6:37 (157, 165)
6:40 (158, 165)
6:29 (160, 167)

14°C, 16k/h wind

Breakthrough session I would say?!?

The best I have ever felt on the 2ks. Was holding back for the first 4 but every lap I checked the watch and was 4-5s ahead of target (3:25) despite feeling totally in control. Even stayed controlled on the final rep, only opening the taps on the last lap (which I think might have been sub 70s!).

Didn't get a chance to weigh myself but I've been tracking around 76-77kg in general. I ate a bunch of cookies and ice cream last night so suspect I was closer to 78kg today, although glycogen stores definitely full

[Edited] 10k race on Sunday was full so not an option anymore (probably a silly idea anyway!). Will do park run tomorrow but not pushing too hard, and easy long run (~30k) on Sun.
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