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6x1k R90 (treadmill as 24°C, although wasn't much cooler in the gym in the end!)

3:12 (143, 155)
3:11 (151, 159)
3:09 (155, 162)
3:10 (155, 164)
3:07 (157, 172)
2:58 (163, 175)

Pleased with that

Ran 30k on Sunday with 15k easy (4:05-4:10) and 15k steady (3:45-3:55) which felt great. I was a little wiped out yesterday so did a very easy 45 mins (5:00/k).

Legs/Lungs were feeling fantastic on the 1k's today but planning to have a few very easy days now as feeling a potential cold brewing (HR has been up) and also been 'brain dead' through poor sleep (2 kids under 2...). Fingers crossed I can get some good sleep over the coming days and be ready for a ParkRun hit out on Sat...
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