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Hi Ed,

After a good few months of struggling to post on the formus i managed to get back on and going.(password problem).

Anyway that aside Things are looking up on the running front
I won a trail race back in september but cost me 3 weeks to get my ankle right afterwards.

3 weeks ago i ran at TT- 3k and ran 10.47 which was ok off very litte training.

From there i have run 40 miles a week with the odd tempo at 4 mins per k and a mild interval session of 5x1k at 3.38-3.34 off 90 recovery..

The focus has been getting some easy distance in and bringing myself back slowly.

I have a really good balance now where i can recover well and not a deal of stress.

I am thinking it might be time to run a 4k TT at the end of the month to see how things are going.

All for now and nice to post.

Regards jon.
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