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10km Race Update

Hey TheEd,

Pulled out of Sundays race to save any risk properly injuring my calf, it was still noticeably sore on Saturday. The weather forecast was foul as well and I had to do some work travel straight after so decided it was for the best as clearly I didnt want to carry a calf injury over into to my bike training now for the Etape Du Tour in July.

So, it's an easy week on the bike this week, will keep eye on calf and maybe try a little 10-15 min waddle at end of week and follow up with any treatment as required. It's feeling better today, will be a week on Wed since it strained.

Whilst doing all the bike training this next 8-10weeks I want to try and keep some of the running conditioning in my legs. At minimum, per week, what do think I should try and include in my regime even at some cost to my bike miles/loading?

Perhaps some scaled down intervals, 3-4 x 1km at a sensible pace and maybe a 1x 40min waddle on another day, this should be manageable and might keep my legs going until Sept at which time I want to resume the 19-day cycle for my first autumn 10 km on Oct 12th..

Any thought or suggestion's greatly considered,


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