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Scot Trying to get to sub 45 now need help!

Hiya everyone,

Firstly I am new the blogs but not the 10k programmes. I have gone from a 58 minute 10k runner to 47:44 secs which I am completely chuffed about.

I have however now stalled. I think I have lost a bit of confidence. I am one of these people who in my mind can't run a sub 7 minute mile. I have also got into the mindset that if I don't make my splits then its a failure. I haven't been able to make any of the sub 45 min 6 x 1km splits since then nor the 10k ones.

Anyway my 5k time also stands at 22.38 mins and both 10k and 5k times were set last year. Ever since I have gone down to 48:12 and 23 mins respectively. This also included a off training period and build up period afterwards.

I should also add that my half marathon time in that period went from PB 1 hr 52 to 1hr 49 mins, again I was ecstatic. I would also like to keep my weekly long run but don't know here to include it.

So, any tips would be so appreciated guys.
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