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Hi TheEd,

A little update from the last 5 months.
I did little or no running for 3 months Jul-Sept. A combination of family, work and personal stuff did not help.
But mostly the hot weather. I really need to get a strategy for hot weather running.

I started again in Mid Sept, after 2 week build up, I have have been roughly following the program.

So this is where I am at the moment:
Long run : 24k, 2:02hr, Pace 5.16k, ahr 144
6x1 : pace 3:55 with AHR 158
5x2 : pace 4:08 with AHR 154
5k : 19:52 AHR 162
easy run: 10.49k, 51 mins, pace 4.56k/m, AHR 145

Sept 100k
Oct 180k
Nov 260k
Dec 90k

I had planned off period over Christmas but icy conditions have forced me to take the last 10 days off.

Just wondering where I should go from here?

I don't have any races planned, I just battle myself at the mo.

I have been following the forum and you talk a lot about balance. Could you point me to a blog article that explains a little more about balance?

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